Climbing Mount Kenya 5 Days 4 Nights Naro Moru Route


Climbing Mount Kenya 5 Days 4 Nights Naro Moru Route. The second highest Mountain in Africa where you touch ice and snow on the equator offering you splendid high elevation scenery with perfect backdrop for great herds of plains game bringing you

Africa at its most primal and pure nature of this sacred mountain that straddles through the equator but above all the challenge to fulfill a commitment

Mount kenya climbing on Narumoru route

Why this itinerary?
For those that want to do Mt Kenya in a relatively short time and still enjoy a great route then this is a great choice for climbing mount Kenya and reaching lenana point. As this trip uses huts rather than camping it is also a good choice for those wanting a lower priced hike.
5 days trip starting at Naro Moru route. This trip uses HUTS on Mt Kenya. As with all Summits Africa trips, great guides and crew come as standard.
Kilimanjaro: afromontane forest, bamboo zone, glacial valleys and alpine desert, views of Mt Kenya, ascent of Lenana and views of the Lewis glaciers and others. Possible sighting of wildlife.

The most popular route although not the most scenic. It is also the fastest route to point Lenana. Take this classic route up Mount Kenya though the notoriously treacherous vertical bog and into the wide Teleki Valley beneath the Tryndall, The Lewis Glacier. Though the summit can be reached in 4 days as per the below itinerary, we strongly recommend an overnight acclimatization at the base, Naromoru River Lodge. This can be arranged for at an extra fee.