Student Groups joining to mount

Day 1: Nairobi Sirimon Judmaier Camp (Old Moses Camp) 3-4 hrs, 9km, 860m ascent

Leave Nairobi in the morning to Nanyuki town for lunch, taking about 4 hours. Proceed to Sirimon Gate, 1 hr, 2440m. From the gate follow the track as it winds uphill though the forest which becomes heath land after about 3 hrs. About 3½ hours from the gate the track veers right to Judmaier Camp, 3300m for dinner and overnight

Day 2: Old Moses Liki North Camp, 10km, 3hrs, 3900m

After climbing through the rain forest to 3993m. We will spend the night at Likii camp north

Day 3: Liki North Camp Shipton's Camp, 5km, 2hrs, 4000m

The trail proceeds to Shipton’s camp where we will rest in order to acclimatize overnight Day 4: Shipton Camp Mackinders Camp, 7km, 3hrs, 4200m Student Groups joining to mount

From Shipton’s camp the trail leads to Kami hut below the north face of Batian. Continuing west – southwest the trails climbs up switchbacks in the fine snow before reaching Hausberg col at 4590m. We will descend into the upper Hausberg valley and rest at the aptly named Oblong and Hausberg tarns. Ascending to the crest of a ridge known as Arthur’s seat we see the trail winding along a beautiful series of rock ledges. We will descend to Shipton’s camp for the night. Student Groups joining to mount

Day 5: Mackinders Camp Point Lenana, 7km, 4hrs Met Station, 23km, 7hrs

An early 2.00 am start for an attempt to reach point Lenana before descending to Mackinder’s camp for breakfast then on to Met Station for dinner and overnight, Student Groups joining to mount

Day 6: Met Station Naromoru Gate, 9km, 3hrs| Nairobi Student Groups joining to mount

Descend to park gate, then further to Naromoru town for your transfer to Nairobi to end your trek.

Student Groups joining to mount